Spring 2019 Non-Profit Boot Camp: Coaches and Courses Selected!

We have a great line up for the Spring 2019 Non-Profit Boot Camp (NPBC)! We’re excited to continue this eLearning series focused on strengthening the organizational capacity and effectiveness of non-profit, community-based organizations working on food systems change.

We launched the NPBC in 2018 with courses on strategic planning, human resources, fundraising, and finance (you can catch the recordings here!) and in this next round, the NPBC will build on the fundamentals of non-profit management with courses on organizational wellness, effective facilitation, team management, and strategic communications.

Each course is a series of three, 30-minute webinars followed by 30-minute group “office hours” to further discuss the material and ask any follow up questions. These “nuts and bolts” style courses are designed for an intermediate level and are perfect for busy nonprofit leaders who are looking to take their skills to the next level, gain new tools, and tap into the knowledge inherent in the food movement. Pro-tip: use these courses to onboard new staff, train up interns, or brush up your own skills!

You’ll find course descriptions and short bios below:

Organizational Wellness & Resiliency with Christina Garza


February 14: What is Organizational Wellness, Self-Care, and Healing Justice, and Why is it Important to Social Justice Movements? (2pm – 3pm CST)

February 21: Wellness Principles and Care Activities for Social Justice Impact (2pm – 3pm CST)

February 28: Resiliency Training: The Nuts and Bolts of Creating a Wellness Culture and Promoting Healing Justice (2pm – 3pm CST)

Access the recordings here: https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/courses/non-profit-boot-camp-part-v-organizational-wellness-and-resiliency-with-christina-garza

About the Course:

Audre Lorde wrote, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” We often think of self-care as a private and personal thing that does not have broader implications; but self-care is intricately tied to organizational sustainability and social justice impact.

Not only does the nonprofit sector experience employee burnout and staff turnover at alarmingly higher rates than other sectors, but it continues to be largely built around an organizational ethos premised on structures of inequity, control, dominance, and separation that prioritize hierarchy and productivity, thus thwarting community, connection, and the ability to bring our authentic selves to work.  In this course, we will explore how we can create an organizational culture of wellness and encourage employee practices of self-care and group-care.  Through the introduction of a variety of tools, techniques, and resources, nonprofit leaders will learn new and innovative ways to model and promote nonprofit health and wellness as a springboard for creating more just, sustainable, loving, and equitable society. 

About Christina:

Christina Garza has over 25 years of experience working with and in nonprofit organizations as a community activist, nonprofit executive, foster care advocate, and community researcher. She was a participant in the Spring 2018 Food Systems Leadership Retreat in New Orleans, LA and a co-facilitator in the Fall 2018 Food Systems Leadership Retreat in Kansas City, MO. Read her full bio here.


Becoming an Effective Facilitator with Veronica Flores

Dates: March 11, 18, 25: 2pm – 3pm CST

Access the recordings here: https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/courses/non-profit-boot-camp-part-vi-becoming-an-effective-facilitator-with-veronica-flores

About the Course:

Facilitation is an essential skill for a food systems leader. Being an effective facilitator requires a person to be objective, practice active listening, be respectful of differences, and establish a group process that ensures a neutral stance. The skilled facilitator can move a group process to engaging discussions, get the best from all members, and lead the members to a successful conclusion. In this course, participants will review the principles of effective facilitation as a process of and for change, learn the characteristics and competencies that are critical to success, and understand the anatomy of the entire facilitation process.

About Veronica:

Veronica Flores is the Chief Executive Officer of Community Health Councils and services as the Co-Chair for the Los Angeles County Community Prevention & Population Health Task Force and on the Charles Drew Medical University-President’s Advisory Council. She has 25+ years of experience in both private and nonprofit sector work. Read her full bio here.


Managing Successful Teams with Amy Baskes

Dates: April 4, 11, 18: 2pm – 3pm CST

Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4583839083633815298

About the Course:

By definition, community-based work brings together a diverse mix of people with various experiences, strengths, and perspectives. In its highest form, this mix of voices can work in successful harmony, drawing out the best from individual participants who generate new ideas together. However, unaligned voices can create conflict and confusion. It takes effective leadership to bring a group into harmony and avoid the chaos. 

Managing Successful Teams is a great course for mid-career leaders in community-based, nonprofit food systems organizations who want to sharpen their leadership skills with tactical and practical approaches to managing groups. Each session is designed to be responsive to the specific interests of the participants and will deliver practical skills to individuals looking to bolster their own effectiveness and impact.

About Amy:

Amy Baskes brings 20+ years of experience fundraising for and leading nonprofits, having raised over $200 million for her clients. As a consultant, Amy provides expertise in strategy and development for a variety of nonprofit organizations, helping clients increase their fundraising potential and build capacity, facilitating community-based local food plans, and advancing strategic development projects. Read her full bio here.


Is Communications Strategery for Real?! With Lori Ducey and Brad Cameron-Cooper

Dates: May 2, 9, 16: 2pm – 3pm CST

Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6464496548624072961

About the Course:

Social entrepreneurs are pioneering how to strengthen communities through resilient farming and food systems, and their stories are the most powerful tool for building support to increase their impact. This learning opportunity will help participants harness the power of strategic communication to increase revenue, partners for progress, and innovation. Join us as we walk through the triangle of a strategic communication plan: why it's important, how to create and implement and then how to know if you are being effective. And we'll provide a few tools to help you along the journey.

About the Coaches:

Together, Brad and Lori bring a wealth of communications knowledge, strategic storytelling expertise, nonprofit management skills, and lived experience to the work. They’re curious, strategic, and effective in their communications and eager to share their learnings with the broader food movement. Read more about Lori here and Brad here.

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