September Resource Spotlight: The Food Corridor

With many of our FSLN community members involved in the incubator and shared kitchen space, we decided to dedicate this month’s Resource Spotlight to learning more about one of the industry’s leading support organizations - The Food Corridor. In fact, they have the largest collection of resources for both shared-kitchen operators and food entrepreneurs in the US. If you’re working in this field, you should know about (and leverage) The Food Corridor’s helpful and thorough resource library: To gain additional insight into The Food Corridor, we spoke with Ashley Colpaart, The Food Corridor’s Chief Executive Officer (pictured above), to learn more – read on! First things first, how would you describe The Food Corridor? But there’s a catch… describe The Food Corridor in a haiku! Everybody wins When kitchens and cooks connect Supporting local food We’d have to agree with that! Okay, now in full prose, please tell us a bit more about The Food Corridor, your mission, and your area of expertise. The Food Corridor is a cloud-based platform that enables shared-kitchens across the country to operate more efficiently and grow more food businesses. The Food Corridor’s mission is to enable efficiency, growth, and innovation in local food through building cloud-based technologies. Our area of expertise is multifold: cloud-based software, kitchen marketplace, shared-kitchen community, and resources for shared-use or incubator kitchens and their food businesses. Awesome. So who would you say the The Food Corridor serves? Shared-use kitchens, from large incubator kitchens to small restaurants with excess capacity waiting to be monetized. Without owning any physical space, The Food Corridor is powering 80+ shared-kitchen facilities across the US and Canada. Our network of co-cooking spaces are, in turn, providing 4000+ chefs, caterers, food trucks, craft food producers, and delivery-only concepts a space to legally produce food and grow their dream business. In addition to your cloud-based software, what do people/orgs look to you for? Thought leadership, resources, and best practices for the emerging shared-kitchen industry. We also have an app, The Kitchen Door (check it out:, that connects food entrepreneurs with kitchens. What three problems can someone find solutions for on your site? 1. If co-cooking spaces are struggling to manage the daily operations of a multi-tenant renting system, they can access our cloud-based software to simplify their businesses 2. If emerging food companies are looking for a new space to scale their food production, they can find their new home at 3. If a food system practitioner is looking for resources to plan, launch, or manage a shared-use kitchen in their community, they can access our abundant resources, including our Shared Kitchen Toolkit at Are there certain tools or resources that you’ve found especially popular? Yes, a few actually: • Shared Kitchen Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Planning, Launching, and Managing a Shared-Use Commercial Kitchen - • The Kitchen Door - - a free search tool to find a commercial kitchen • The NICK! This is a free, private Facebook group of kitchen professionals who exchange best practices and solve problems together. • PS: the first annual NICK Summit will be held October 10th. This is a chance for these shared-kitchen operators to dive in to the hard stuff together and take away tips and lessons learned. Who can access your resources? How? Anyone! We have compiled the largest collection of resources for both shared-kitchen operators and food entrepreneurs The Food Corridor cloud-based software is exclusively for shared-use kitchens who are looking for a fully integrated solution to simplify their scheduling, billing, and food business management. Kitchen managers can set-up a demo of the software via our website. Is The Food Corridor looking for any additional resources or support? We’re seeking additional sponsors for our inaugural NICK Summit in Minneapolis in October (more info below), and we’re always eager to have more shared-kitchen practitioners to join our online NICK Community! Spread the word: What other resource-full organizations would you recommend for food entrepreneurs? • Center for Regional Food Systems at Michigan State University: • Food entrepreneurs and business owners group: • On building food businesses: • Network for Food Business Entrepreneurs: • Food Entrepreneurs Collective: Anything else?!?! More about the NICK Summit: The Network for Incubator and Commissary Kitchens (the NICK) is pleased to announce the first annual NICK Kitchen Summit. The day-long Summit on October 10, 2018 held at The Good Acre in Falcon Heights, MN will include a keynote on kitchen innovations,10-minute rapid fire sessions presented by the nation’s leading kitchens, and opportunities to discuss sticky kitchen management issues with peers and experts in the industry. This event will gather 60-80 shared-kitchen, food incubator, and economic development practitioners, representing thousands of food entrepreneurs across the country. This inaugural event is a collaboration of a dynamic planning team, which includes The Food Corridor, Grow North, the Wallace Center, The Good Acre, and Fruition Planning & Management. Wow! The Food Corridor really is a treasure trove of valuable resources. How can someone get in touch with you for more information? Email, or set-up a personalized demo at Website: - Contact person: - Ashley Colpaart Link to sign up for listserv, newsletter, etc.: - Sign-up for monthly newsletter: - Sample Newsletter: - Sample Industry News round up: - Blog: Upcoming event - The NICK Summit: Network for Incubator and Commissary Kitchens (The NICK) Facebook group: The Food Corridor - Facebook: - Instagram: - Website and demo sign-up:

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