Resource Spotlight: PeoplesHub

In this month’s Resource Spotlight, we speak with the Executive Director of PeoplesHub, Elandria Williams, to learn more about this online training organization that connects and supports individuals and groups to build more powerful, thriving, and transformative movements. In addition to group trainings, they take a 'train the trainer' approach and help organizers navigate the nuances of online facilitation. A seriously great resource for both attending a content-specific training and to learn how to conduct one. Read on! (And dig into all their resources and trainings on their website here:

Domain/Subject Area
PeoplesHub is an online training organization, connecting and supporting groups and individuals across geographies in order to build more powerful, thriving, and transformative movements.  PeoplesHub is founded on the belief that, when people at the grassroots build power, we can change our world. By offering live, interactive trainings online, PeoplesHub aims to reduce the cost of high-quality trainings and make skills and support more accessible to community groups.  

Our four focus areas are: dismantling the Alt Right and White Supremacy. Transforming movement culture, Solidarity Economy/Participatory Governance and Climate/Environmental Justice. These are the areas of work that most of our partnerships and earned income clients are connected to. We are also partnering with organizations, who because of COVID-19, are grappling with how to host their conferences, membership meetings, training of trainers and fellowship programs online.  

Additionally, we are focusing on supporting movement organizations, facilitators, artists, disabled and chronically ill community leaders, folks working on electoral campaigns, faith leaders and other folks, who are mostly people of color who are re-orienting around how to survive in an online landscape.  

PeoplesHub supports groups nationwide in creating a just, sustainable, and compassionate world, beginning where they live.  

By offering live online training, connections, and tools, PeoplesHub helps the wisdom of local groups to grow, multiply, and change our world from the bottom up.  

Okay now for the fun stuff…  

How would you describe your organization? But there’s a catch… describe your org in a haiku! 

we re-imagine 

in restoration, resist, 

restore, worlds we need  

What does your org bring to the (national food systems) table?  
PeoplesHub is a connector, convener and hub for folks across communities to learn and strategize together, to build a more beautiful, connected and equitable world. We train both leaders around how to effectively and powerfully facilitate online and run tech support so that all people are better able to connect in movement building. Every day we craft curriculum, art and relevant resources for our movements who aim to invest in community solutions (solidarity economy), get free from racism and hatred, and connect folks whose processes of working towards the world we need reflects healthy internal processes and aids in a healthier and vibrant earth. Our hub is a place of knowledge, cultural creation and innovation.  

Who do you serve? 
Grassroots groups, nonprofits, trainers, popular educators, students, folks working in our four focus areas of dismantling the Alt Right and White Supremacy. Transforming movement culture, Solidarity Economy/Participatory Governance and Climate/Environmental Justice. 

What do people/orgs look to you for? 
Training in online methodology, bringing their content online, consulting or support for their groups in leadership, conflict resolution, strategic visioning and imagining. Workshops and trainings that ground people in the four 4s, resistance, re-imagination, resilience and restoration. Deepening in our four content areas: Alt Right and White Supremacy. Transforming movement culture, Solidarity Economy/Participatory Governance and Climate/Environmental Justice. 

What problems can someone find solutions for on your site? Are there certain tools or resources that you’ve found especially popular? 
Online methodology and building intersectional, global movements. We have resources on our resource page and also all our trainings and offerings provide resources. You can sign up for one here: 

Who can access your resources? How? 
Anyone with a phone or internet connection. Sign up for a training here: 

View some of our resources here: 

What other resources or support are you looking for? 

What other “resource-full” organizations would you recommend? 

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