Resource Spotlight: New Economy Coalition

In this month’s Resource Spotlight, Shavaun Evans, Co-director of the New Economy Coalition shares about the amazing network of organizations that make up the coalition and a recent toolkit they created for communities to make concrete policy demands focused on worker cooperatives, community-controlled housing, financial justice, and climate justice.  


The New Economy Coalition (NEC) is a network of 200+ organizations imagining and building a future where people, communities, and ecosystems thrive. Together, we are creating deep change in our economy and politics—placing power in the hands of people and uprooting legacies of harm—so that a fundamentally new system can take root. We are imagining a future where people control their economies through radical democracy, cooperative and public ownership, and a culture of mutual aid. 

Okay now for the fun stuff…  

How would you describe the NEC? But there’s a catch… describe the NEC in a haiku!  

two hundred and ten  

organizations aligned  

to build a new world  

Who does the NEC serve? 

210 member organizations across the US and their communities, members, and supporters.  

What one or two problems can someone find solutions for on your site? 

  • You can find see a map of new economy organizations in your city and state, and see how to connect with them.  

  • You can search through 200+ resources on new economy topics including worker cooperatives, energy democracy, community and trusts, participatory budgeting, and more.  

  • You can view policy examples, campaign narratives, and case studies in four new economy areas: worker cooperatives, community-controlled housing, climate justice, and financial justice.  

 Are there certain tools or resources that you’ve found especially popular? 

NEC members have worked collaboratively to create a number of resources to support new economy work. Some of our most popular resources include Pathways to a People’s Economy, a policy toolkit released in early February 2020 that serves as a tool for communities to make concrete policy demands to advance a new economy. It includes 20 high-level policy demands, 70+ detailed policy asks, and multiple organizing resources focused on worker cooperatives, community-controlled housing, financial justice, and climate justice.  

NEC members and partners also collaboratively created a Rural Electric Cooperatives Toolkit to help people in rural communities regain member-owner and community control of rural electric cooperatives. And NEC members compiled resources to form a Resource Library which includes more than 200 resources on the new economy, including reports, how-to guides, maps, articles, videos, infographics, and more.  

Who can access your resources? How? 

Anyone can access NEC resources by visiting  for our Resource Library;  for our Rural Electric Cooperatives Toolkit; and for our Policy Toolkit  

What other resources or support is the NEC looking for? 

Activists and organizations can join NEC’s upcoming webinar, “Building Pathways to a People’s Economy” on Thursday, March 12, 3-4pm EST. We’ll walk through the newly released Pathways to a People’s Economy and make the case for more investment in policy work for a new economy. Register for the webinar here!   

What other “resource-full” organizations would you recommend? 

Check out all of our awesome member organizations!    

How can someone get in touch with you for more information?  


Thanks so much, Shavaun, for telling us about all the great things NEC has to offer!