Racial Equity in the Farm Bill: NSAC's multi-part blog series

NSAC's Policy Intern Noah McDonald is writing a series of blog posts exploring how the next Farm Bill could advance racial equity in food and agriculture. The two that have been published so far are very well written and super informative! You can sign up on their website to receive their Weekly Roundup and stay up to date on critical policy issues affecting our work in community-based food systems (www.sustainableagriculture.net) Post 1: Context and Foundations (http://sustainableagriculture.net/blog/racial-equity-in-the-farm-bill/) The first post explores some of the historical context for the racial inequities within our food system, federal efforts at addressing past discriminatory practices, and provides an overview of grant and technical assistance programs for limited resource farmers and farmers of color. Post 2: Barriers for Farmers of Color (http://sustainableagriculture.net/blog/racial-equity-in-farm-bill-barriers/) The second post explores how historical inequities and injustices have carried over into present day, and the challenges that farmers and food/farm advocates continue to face in accessing federal programs and resources.