Op-ed: While Food Supply Chains Snap, a Solution Is On The Table

Over the past few weeks, many have remarked upon the juxtaposition of images that have come to define our food system during COVID-19: food getting plowed under in fields, farmers pouring milk down drains, the closure of a handful of meatpacking plants taking out a significant portion of our food supply all contrasted with empty grocery store shelves and mile-long lines at food banks.
Oran Hesterman here at Fair Food Network published an op-ed in The Hill, While Food Supply Chains Snap, a Solution Is On The Table, digging into this – for while the food supply chain offers a window into this current crisis, it also provides a way out.
This piece also spotlights some of the many organizations we get to work with every day at Fair Food Network – either through Double Up Food Bucks SNAP incentives or our work in social impact investing - who are demonstrating how we can come out of this time stronger and more resilient.
Please take a look here:

Jean Chorazyczewski
Program Director | Fair Food Network