Nourishing Community with Opportunity at Pine Ridge Rez

In need of a kick of inspiration and motivation for the new year? Consider the incredible story of Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation, a community-based organization started by young people on the Pine Ridge Reservation who presented their community with a challenge: “When are you going to make a way for your people, are you not warriors? It’s time to stop talking and start doing”. Doing is the key word here. And they are doing a LOT! Check out their Food Sovereignty Report for 2017, which outlines their accomplishments over the past year. Andrew and I had the great fortune of spending time with Nick Hernandez, Food Sovereignty Initiative Director, and Ernest Weston, Food Sovereignty Program Coordinator, in Boston during the Community Food Systems Conference in December 2017. These two systems leaders are truly warriors for positive change in their community! I think many of us get into food systems work because we want to stop all the talking about our communities' problems and DO something about them. That was definitely was got me into it...through community food, I could actually see and taste and enjoy the fruits of my labor. What inspired you to get involved in food systems change?