Non-Profit Boot Camp Coach Profile: Peggy da Silva

Non-Profit Boot Camp Coach Profile The Non-Profit Boot Camp is a four-part webinar series dedicated to improving the organizational capacity and effectiveness of non-profit, community based organizations by digging deep into the strategic planning, fundraising, human resources, and finance components of non-profit management. Peggy da Silva, an expert in staff development and training systems specific to food systems organizations, will teach the "Outcomes-Based HR" course. ---------------- About Peggy: Peggy brings 30+ years of experience helping businesses, non-profits and public agencies to develop staff development and training systems. From seven years creating a full training program at Veritable Vegetable, through season-long warehouse training design at mid-size food hubs, to many quick diagnosis and fix-it performance evaluation projects with smaller organizations, she has seen a lot. She knows how essential thoughtful and cleanly implemented HR systems are to food-focused organizations' success. ---------------- Visit the Courses page (under Opportunities) to learn more!

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