Make Better Decisions as a Group – A Collaboration Between Round Sky and Loomio

A simple ‘how to’ for group decision making using a consent process

This article is by Loomio and Round Sky Solutions


The world seems to move faster every day. Every second counts as we try to balance our work and social lives all while dealing with the big challenges that loom over humanity as a whole.

With so many plates to juggle, it is easy to feel paralyzed by even the simplest decisions and that effect is only magnified when we are working as a team. In this article, we begin a series of simple step-by-step guides for better collective decision making in any group, and especially for remote groups.

Rewriting the rules

Until recently, most of the world’s organizations and systems have functioned primarily through top-down leadership where a small group of people make decisions for a larger group. Switching to collective decision making, where every member has a voice, can be challenging – especially if the transition is made without a clear process in place. That’s why every group should create a clear outline of their decision-making flow.

To do this, ask your group questions like:

  • When will we know that the decision-making process is over? How can we make sure that it doesn’t fail or go on too long?
  • What kinds of things do we need to decide as a group and what can be decided on an individual level?
  • How can we make sure that every voice is heard — especially those who will be most affected by the decision?
  • How can we be sure that dominating personalities don’t overpower the quieter voices?
  • How can we make sure the decision-making process is recorded so that there is no need to rehash the same decision more than once?

Face to face or Online?

Another thing to consider is whether your group wants to make decisions in person or through an online platform. We encourage groups to move at least some of their process online (especially if they’ve done the work to have a clear decision-making process) because it offers the following benefits:

  • less time pressure in meetings, leaving more time in meetings for important conversations
  • more thoughtful and considerate decisions as participants have time to sleep on it
  • a clearer and more accessible record
  • encouraging leadership and team development by making the process visible and accessible to a variety of learning styles

Consent-based decision making

There are many different kinds of collective decision-making processes, but we’ve found that Integrative Consent – a model developed by, us, Round Sky Solutions – is often the simplest and most effective starting place for a team wanting to restructure their decision making. As we outline this process for you, please view it as a template that can be adapted to fit your unique team.

The goal with Integrative Consent is to build and practice a clear decision-making process that can be reliably replicated for efficient and effective collaborative decision making. 


This is a republished post from Round Sky Solutions.
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