Lab Note #5: Calling on the FSLN!

Since the Design Retreat in New Orleans in October, the three Gamechangers teams have been busy putting their new "design mindsets" to work in their home communities and organizations as they explore and test different strategies to crack their unique food systems challenges. For a recap on what each team is working on, check out the Gamechangers Lab page on the FSLN website.
For the Foodlink team, that's looked like co-Design Sprints with Curbside Market Ambassadors and organizational leadership using the Lab's Design Canvas. For the ReFresh team, it's been rethinking how five organizations can collaborate around narrative and culture shift. And for GRRO Good Bowls, it's been a deep and honest examination of both the opportunities and limitations of rural/urban collaborations.
During an all-teams check-in call last week, we heard a couple of learning themes that we bet you all can relate to: 1) deep collaboration is hard work, and requires radical honesty and perseverance; 2) having a little outside help to challenge your thinking, facilitate diffiicult conversations, and keep you on track towards your goals is so incredibly valuable; and 3) there's so much capacity and knowledge in this cohort and the broader network, and we can lean on each other for inspiration, encouragement, and resources.
So in that spirit-- we're calling on the Food Systems Leadership Network to help these teams advance their ideas and glean from the knowledge and experience within the network. Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Examples of and learning from organizations, programs, or initiatives that have successfully (or unsuccessfully) shifted leadership and power to impacted communities
  • Examples of multi-organization, collaborative fundraising strategies, especially around campaigns
  • Technical support around using EBT for prepared meals
If you have ideas or suggestions on the above, please reach out to me (Susan) at or just call me up at (501)313-7405. We get by with a little help from our friends! Thanks in advance for your support and for your continued interest in this experiment!
*Note: This Lab Note was originally published in December 2019's issue of The Catalyst

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