Lab Note #3: What's the sitch?

The Gamechangers Laboratory officially kicked off last month and the three teams are already rocking and rolling with the support of their stellar Team Advisors. In this first phase, the teams are focused on building a strong foundation for their collaborative work together and deepening their shared understanding of the systems challenge they're trying to tackle. In a nutshell - getting a handle on the current situation before starting to design the future they want to create.
Two tools they're using to facilitate that process include the Team Canvas-- a rapid, DIY assets-based approach to team building -- and the Challenge Canvas-- an accessible framework for conducting an initial situational and problem analysis that we created for the Lab. Check out these tools, use them, adapt them, and share them! And let us know if you find it useful.
In a few weeks the teams will bring their completed Challenge Canvas to a 3-day design retreat in New Orleans, and the Canvas will be the jumping off point for a deeper systems analysis. We'll be sure to share photos of the completed Canvases in next month's Lab Note. Stay tuned!
*Note: This Lab Note was originally published in the October 2019 issue of The Catalyst

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