Fall 2018 Community Food Systems Mentorship Program is Underway!

Congrats to the Fall 2018 Community Food Systems Mentees! The Fall 2018 Community Food Systems Mentorship cohort is now well underway, with 23 food systems leaders from across the country working with one of seven peer mentors and food systems experts! This is an incredible opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally, while having support and guidance from a fellow food systems leader, and we’re looking forward to hearing how it goes. Mentors bring with them unique skillsets, experiences, and insight to this work, and you can learn more about them by clicking the link next to their name. Read on to learn more about the mentees, their experience, and what they’ll be focused on during this mentorship program. PS. Interested in becoming part of the Community Food Systems Mentorship Program? We’ll be releasing a call for mentors and mentee applications later this fall. Keep an eye out for those! Mentor: Amy Kincaid https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/stories/community-food-systems-mentor-amy-kincaid Mentees: Mariya Strauss Executive Director, Farm Alliance of Baltimore (http://www.farmalliancebaltimore.org/) Baltimore, MD https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/mariyastrauss#.W5F_AUxFzoo Mariya is looking forward to enhancing Farm Alliance of Baltimore’s efforts to increase local funding and policy support for urban farms. Her work with Amy will focus on revising and strengthening strategic planning documents, communications methods, and fundraising strategies to best align with their current direction. Teri McKenzie Executive Director, Inland Northwest Food Network (https://inwfoodnetwork.org/) Coeur d'Alene, ID https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/terimckenzie#.W5F_ekxFzoo Teri is excited to find ways to drive organizational growth and articulate the impact of the Inland Northwest Food Network. She was drawn to Amy because of her past experiences growing organizations. Christine Ahern Executive Director, Lackawaxen Food Hub ( https://lackawaxenfoodhub.org/ ) Honesdale, PA https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/christineahern#.W5F_vExFzoo As ED of a food hub that is transitioning from a for-profit organization to a non-profit organization, Christine is excited to work with Amy and tap into her expertise in “turnarounds and growth” and her fundraising and development skills. Mentor: Angel Mendez https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/stories/community-food-systems-mentor-angel-mendez Mentees: Brenda Williams Healthy Foods Coordinator, Communities Unlimited (https://communitiesu.org/ ) Memphis, TN Brenda is working to integrate local food initiatives in Memphis with producers and organizations across the region; partnering with Angel to learn about food value chain work and different business models will help her enhance market opportunities for rural producers. Cary Junior General Manager, Southeast Michigan Producers Association Sumpter Township, MI https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/caryjunior#.W5GAk0xFzoo Cary seeks to create a logistics model for SEMPA that will include human resources and financial and quality assurance components. Angel’s deep expertise in supply chain management and logistics will help move these efforts forward. Kendrya Close Executive Director, Foodshed Alliance (http://foodshedalliance.org/) Blairstown, NJ https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/kendryaclose#.W5GA4ExFzoo Having recently published a feasibility study on a food hub in northern New Jersey, Kendrya is excited to work with Angel and gain insight on how to strengthen the local food supply chain. Mentor: Anupama Joshi https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/stories/community-food-systems-mentor-anupama-joshi Mentees: Shelley Dyer Program Supervisor, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (http://www.tndc.org/) San Francisco, CA https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/shelleydyer#.W5GCD6GWxoc A former teacher, Shelley is excited to work with Anupama to strengthen her skillset around project management and farm to school planning, as well as increase her knowledge around building strong partnerships and developing culturally relevant food experiences for children. Shawn Peterson Executive Director, The Green Urban Lunch Box (https://www.thegreenurbanlunchbox.com/about-us) Salt Lake City, UT https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/shawnpeterson#.W5GC6aGWxoc With a national conference on the horizon and efforts around a national network coming to fruition, Shawn is excited to partner with Anupama to strengthen his programming and network leadership skills. Ryan Betz Program Manager, Delta Health Alliance (https://deltahealthalliance.org/ ) Stoneville, MS https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/ryanbetz#.W5GDBKGWxoc With farm to school efforts gaining traction in the Mississippi Delta, Ryan is excited to work with Anupama to cultivate and secure new business opportunities. Mentor: Neelam Sharma https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/stories/community-food-systems-mentor-profile-neelam-sharma Mentees: Sarah Brown Education Director, Oregon Tilth (https://tilth.org/ ) Corvallis, OR https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/sarahbrown#.W5GE9aGWxoc Sarah is looking forward to working with Neelam to expand her expertise in program evaluation and to better measure the impact of her organization’s education programs. Ciara Segura Program and Policy Manager, Mandela Marketplace (http://www.mandelamarketplace.org/ ) Oakland, CA (MISSING FSLN LINK) Ciara is excited for the opportunity to work closely with Neelam to cultivate a higher degree of cultural competency between her organization and the communities they serve, to develop her own management and supervision competencies, and to conceptualize operational efficiency. Rhonda Lynn Watson Co-Executive Director, Roots for Life ( https://www.roots-for-life.org/ ) Germantown, MD https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/rhondawatson#.W5GFiaGWxoc As an emerging leader, Rhonda’s mentorship with Neelam will focus on best practices and earned income strategies for start-ups and newly formed nonprofits as well as engaging in and documenting the effects of successful collaborations for maximum impact. Mentor: Malik Yakini https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/stories/community-food-systems-mentorship-program Mentees: Felicia Bell Founder, Forever Caring Brandon, MS https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/feliciabell#.W5GFzaGWxoc Felicia works to support the successful expansion of small farms and businesses in Mississippi and is excited to work with Malik to strengthen her facilitation and collaboration skills as well as deepen her technical expertise in areas like urban food systems and commercial kitchens. Tamara Jones Executive Director, Southeastern African American Farmers Organic Network (http://www.saafon.org/ ) Decatur, GA https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/tamarajones#.W5GGo6GWxoc Working to build SAAFON as a food sovereignty anchor in the Southeast, Tamara’s mentorship with Malik will support her as she refines SAAFON’s strategies around community engagement, organizational analysis, board development, and movement building partnerships. Ibrahim Ali Director, Gardening the Community (http://www.gardeningthecommunity.org/ ) Springfield, MA In addition to focusing on the management and operations of his farm and farm stand, Ibrahim is constantly thinking about how to have a positive impact on the youth he works for, how to encourage and support them, and how to improve their futures. He is excited to work with Malik to discuss ways to further develop staff and youth leadership and how to best share the impact of his work with others in the field. Mentor: Miles Gordon https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/stories/community-food-systems-mentorship-program-miles-gordon Mentees: Kelli Kelly Executive Director, Fallon Food Hub (http://www.fallonfoodhub.com/ ) Fallon, NV https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/kellikelly#.W5GKi6GWxoc Recognizing that Miles has the food systems change experience she’s seeking to see put in place in her town, Kelli is excited to use this mentorship opportunity to learn strategies for community empowerment and engagement, organizational capacity building, and scaling up the impact of her local food hub. Erica Bloom Program Director, Growing Hope (http://growinghope.net/ ) Ypsilanti, MI https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/ericabloom#.W5GLAaGWxod Having transitioned from an organization focused primarily on community empowerment at the neighborhood level through food production to one that engages multiple sectors in order to develop the local food system, this mentorship will help Erica work through the strategic direction of the organization, strengthen her skills around movement building, and determine how to integrate anti-racist frameworks into the organization’s programs and staff culture. Rhea Singh Farm to Early Education Specialist, Down East Partnership for Children (http://depc.org/ ) Rocky Mount, CT Recognizing that building a good food supply chain is no easy feat, Rhea is eager to work with Miles to not only improve her technical skills around supply chain management and logistics, and her soft skills like community engagement and collaboration, but also to feel grounded and supported by a seasoned professional with experience and success doing similar work. Mentor: Paula Daniels https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/stories/community-food-systems-mentor-paula-daniels Mentees: Kristine Creveling Senior Food Program Manager, Propeller ( http://gopropeller.org/incubator/ ) New Orleans, LA https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/kristinecreveling#.W5GLmKGWxoc Having worked with Paula during the first round of mentorship, Kristine is excited to continue with this mentorship to further develop her leadership capacity to create a dynamic vision for the future of Propeller’s food programming and the New Orleans’ food system. Elisa Munoz Executive Director, New Orleans FPAC New Orleans, LA https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/elisamunoz#.W5GMJ6GWxoc Like Kristine, Elisa is continuing her mentorship with Paula to gain a deeper understanding of engaging policy makers and stakeholders to further her work bringing systems level and policy change to the New Orleans food system. Marcus Hill Lead Coordinator, Forsyth Foodworks (https://www.forsythlocalfood.org/) Winston-Salem, NC https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/marcushill#.W5GNy6GWxoc As he works to develop a Good Food Purchasing Program for his own city, Marcus’ work with Paula will focus on learning strategies for effectively advocating for the adoption of the GFPP, building strategic and diverse partnerships, developing organizational capacity for fund development, and leveraging local resources. Amy K. Brinker Sustainability Manager, Kamehameha Schools (https://www.ksbe.edu/education/hawaii/) Honolulu, HI https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/amybrinker#.W5GOM6GWxoc Eager to set up a farm-to-school program for Hawaii’s school systems, Amy is excited to work with Paula to navigate the Hawaiian food scene, develop strategies ways to create a shared understanding of food systems, and create a solid plan for developing and implementing a farm-to-school program. Helen Dombalis Programs and Policy Senior Director, National Farm to School Network (http://www.farmtoschool.org/) Fort Collins, CO https://foodsystemsleadershipnetwork.goentrepid.com/members/helendombalis#.W5GOj6GWxoc As NFSN prepares for its next strategic planning process, Helen hopes to use her mentorship with Paula to explore ideas for the organization’s strategic direction as well as gain support around her own leadership development.

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