Contribute to the NAFSN 2019 Survey of Food Systems Development Practitioners!

Calling all food systems development practitioners!

In case you missed it, the North American Food Systems Network has been circulating a survey that seeks to better understand the challenges of working in the food system. This 15-minute survey is focused on identifying information and trainings that would be valuable for food systems development practitioners. Your experience, knowledge, and needs will help NAFSN develop and provide relevant information, trainings, and networking opportunities, supporting your growth and development as a leader dedicated to strengthening local and regional food systems. While there have been a number of respondents, NAFSN is hoping to increase the number of respondents of color, who are currently underrepresented in this survey. 

First conducted in 2012 to identify the challenges and training needs of food systems development practitioners, this 2019 survey will be integral in understanding the needs, trends, and opportunities available to this field.

Take the survey at and forward along to your colleagues and peers!


About NAFSN:

The North American Food Systems Network (NAFSN) offers leadership and technical skills training, networking, and other professional development opportunities to individuals supporting the development of equitable and sustainable local and regional food systems.

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