Community Food Systems Mentor Profile - Angel Mendez

Community Food Systems Mentor Profile

The Community Food Systems Mentorship Program offers Network members the opportunity to work directly with a food systems expert to support their growth, learn best practices, and connect with seasoned food movement leaders.

Angel Mendez, Red Tomato (
Director of Operations

About Angel:

Angel Mendez is the Director of Operations who works with Red Tomato, a small Food Hub Based 45 mins south of Boston in Plainville, Massachusetts where he oversees finance, transportation logistics, and ERP systems. Having worked with Red Tomato for 17 years - since its initial startup phase - Angel has deep knowledge in strategic planning, finance/metrics, non-asset based distribution systems & ERP software. Angel holds a BS in Finance and Accounting from Northeastern University in Massachusetts.

In addition to his leadership at Red Tomato, Angel also serves on the Board of OKE USA Bananas and the Urban Farming Institute in Boston.

Areas of expertise:

• Food Hub Operations
• Warehousing/Temp controlled storage
• Finance/Accounting
• Strategic Planning
• Value chain logistics and supply chain management

Seeking to mentor:

I like to help everyone and am a strong believer of “not recreating the wheel.” I would love to work with organizations that are in or moving through the startup phase. I am specifically interested in supporting grass roots organizations that are working in underserved communities. I myself was raised in a vulnerable community and now live with a sense of urgency to share lessons learned and educate people in these communities, this work will feed my soul.


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