Becoming A Good to Great Leader:  Discipline Always Win Results

Presently, I’m participating in the Diversity Leadership Colloquium (DLC) located in Huntsville, Alabama. The DLC program was developed and strategically designed for individuals interested in gaining access to networks, mentors, and sponsors that have traditionally not been available to diverse members of the broader community. In addition, participants will gain additional exposure to the following topics: Understanding and Embracing Diversity, Organizational Culture and Structural Reform, Racial and Gender Intelligence, Social Justice and Equality, Networking and Mentoring, Politics, Heroes and Holidays, Critical Thinking and Self-Affirmation and Living the CARE Values. The cohort falls directly in-line with one of my many personal goals of wanting to make a difference through giving back to the community.  Thus far, the program has been nothing but pheromonal. Meeting and learning from local leaders have definitely made me recognize great leaders doing great things within the community.

On the first day of the cohort, we were assigned groups and was ask to present on chapters (4-6) in the book titled, “Good to Great,” by Jim Collins.  Reading these chapters, I realize how discipline plays a key role even with navigating through the food system community. As a leader in this movement we all know “Discipline Takes Perseverance.”  Becoming a good leader, takes great discipline to constantly inspire others around us to reach higher, dream bigger, and achieve greater. As a food system leader, we must never lose sight of the big picture-Our why? This concept of knowing your why from a leader standpoint takes discipline. Displine  to prepare for the future which includes the challenges, the new polices, working network group and future funding even when the funds are currently great.  

“Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest until your good becomes better and your better becomes your best,” By St. Jerome. This has been my mantra to discipline my thoughts on the trajectory of our Center. As  leaders we are constantly setting the tone for the vision of the organization. In this regard, we need to be intentional with our vision, the people we hire and how to achieve the mission. Discipline people gives, discipline thoughts equals discipline intentional results. As Jim Robn quoted, “Discipline is the Bridge between goals and accomplishments.” Sometimes we lose sight of what’s important, but being a discipline leader will always bring one back to the core values of the organization.

A leader becomes great through constantly growing and evolving. As we continue go through the cycle of becoming good to great leaders, my hope is we never forget the Why?  The Why we do what we do? Why great leaders need discipline including a discipline team and vision? And Why evolving as a unit is essential to being sustainable- addressing the needs of tomorrow?   Being discipline is a beautiful, especially when everyone is sowing seeds of greatness and harvesting bountiful fruit as the reward through their impact in these communities.