Awesome Side Gig: FSLN Community Moderator

We are looking for a couple of creative and passionate network members to help us facilitate peer learning and resource sharing, generate new content, and encourage increased engagement on the FSLN’s online community of practice platform. This is a great side gig for tech savvy leaders interested in digital communications and network weaving!

Moderators will commit approximately 3-5 hrs/month from February through June for a total contract value of $1,500.

About the FSLN Community Moderator

The purpose of the FSLN Community Moderators is to facilitate peer learning and resource sharing, generate new content, and encourage increased engagement and communication on the FSLN online community of practice platform. Moderators will commit approximately 3-5 hours per month to the below responsibilities. Wallace Center staff will pilot this with two FSLN moderators from Feb. 15 – June 15, 2019.

There is room for creativity in co-developing the role and we are open to suggestions and ideas as we progress. The ideal candidate would have ideas, creativity, and resources to share with the network, along with a passion for connecting food system leaders with one another. If carried out with intention, this can be an influential role in the Food Systems Leadership Network and will lift up the diversity of voices represented in the network. The moderator will have the opportunity to further influence the FSLN by sharing feedback on the structure and content of the web platform, and will help shape future offerings by the FSLN based on what they learn through interactions with members.

FSLN Moderator Responsibilities:

Goal: content creation and encouraging peer learning, resource sharing, and member engagement on the FSLN online community of practice platform.

  • Peer Learning Support
    • Maintain a complete, updated FSLN member profile
    • Produce a minimum of 1 unique post per week in the moderator’s 2 assigned Discussion Groups – moderators to pose questions to the group, ask for advice, or upload helpful tools and resources. Group assignments will be made after we determine who the moderators will be and their areas of interest and expertise. Contribution in other groups encouraged!
    • Respond to and comment on others’ posts within your groups as well as in other groups
    • Types of posts:
      • Sharing relevant and useful content, tools, resources, knowledge, documents
      • Setting an example by your activity on the site—ex. modeling questions to encourage crowdsourcing of ideas and solutions.
      • Encouraging members to post and comment on each other’s posts
    • Option to contribute to FSLN’s monthly newsletter,  The Catalyst, and/or host & facilitate  coffee chat calls 
      • Work with WC staff to identify the topic, provide background materials, identify the topical expert
  • Content Creation
    • Post a minimum of 2 stories per month, and when possible, link back to the specific Discussion Group to encourage/continue the conversation
    • Post a minimum of 3 opportunities per month (ex. events, webinars, trainings)
  • Discovery
    • Use anonymized data compiled by WC staff to guide your initial activities. Data includes organizational capacity assessments, stated needs of individuals applying for services, and key takeaways from follow-up reports and evaluations.
  • Evaluation
    • Identify common questions, themes, trends throughout activity period.
    • Complete a brief follow-up report
    • Participate in a wrap-up call with other FSLN service providers.
  • Moderators are not expected to:
    • Follow-up on specific technical issues
    • Continued management of the group after their contracted time

Logistics for the pilot:

  • Email Susan by Jan. 10 with your reasons why you want to join
  • Contracting end of Jan.
  • Moderator activities: Feb. 15 – June 15
  • Participate in a kick off, midway, and wrap up call with ED Support Group Facilitators and Wallace Center staff (to identify trends, help guide content, stay coordinated, etc.)
  • Consistent communication with WC staff about use of site, things you’re noticing, about site improvement (expand this in description of moderator)

Wallace Center responsibilities:

  • Schedule and facilitate partner check-in calls
  • Provide platform support
  • Provide data gathered to date
  • Work with moderators to identify topics, experts, and resources for the Coffee Chats. Promote coffee chats and manage registrations and tech support.

FSLN Admin