As non-profit leaders, building up our personal knowledge and skills is critical to not only our individual professional development, but also to the health of the organizations we’re part of, the communities we serve, and the movement our work supports. But too often, professional development opportunities in our sector can come with a hefty price tag, an unrealistic time commitment, or are taught by someone unfamiliar with the nuances of our food systems work.

Recognizing the widespread need to increase access to professional development and organizational capacity building opportunities for food systems leaders on a budget, the FSLN developed the Non-Profit Boot Camp (NPBC), an eLearning series of courses taught by experienced food systems practitioners and consultants. Through offering a variety of relevant content in an accessible and cost-free manner, the Non-Profit Boot Camp aims to support and strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of non-profit, community-based organizations working on food systems change in communities across America.

Course Structure

  • Session Length: Courses are 60 minutes long. The time will be split between trainers delivering models and tools that will stretch your mind, refine your skills, and offer you new ways to advance your work, space for practicing those frameworks with your peers, and time to ask questions.
  • One-on-One Coaching: after attending all 3 lessons in a course, you become eligible for 1:1 coaching with the trainer to help apply the content directly to your work

Upcoming Courses:
Systems Leadership

The COVID pandemic has shone an even brighter light on the many flaws in our food (and healthcare) system. How can we cultivate the skills of systems leadership to lead from the future and create the deep, structural change that is so desperately needed for just, equitable, and inclusive food systems? 

In this three-part eLearning Series we will explore three core skills systems change agents can cultivate to be more effective:
  • The ability to see the underlying system forces that move us away from justice,
  • The ability to engage community and stakeholders in transformative dialogue, and
  • Cultivating a future-creating approach to ourselves and the work.

This will be a thought-provoking and inspiring course taught by Joseph McIntyre of 10 Circles, lead facilitator of the Food Systems Leadership Retreats, and is scheduled for April 9, 16, and 23 from 1pm - 2pm Central
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Past Course Topics

Non-Profit Boot Camp courses focus on non-profit leadership, management, and operations, with topics ranging from strategic planning to organizational wellness and facilitation. All courses have been selected and designed based on the unique needs of this community and the feedback we get from all of you – thank you for your insights! To ensure that the content is relevant and specific to food systems work, NPBC trainers are food systems experts with 10+ years of practical experience in the non-profit world, so courses are relatable and tools tried and tested by folks working in this field.

The webinar portion of each course is recorded and archived under “Courses” so that members can access them at any time:

Have a topic you’d like to see in the next round of NPBC or are interested in joining the cadre of NPBC trainers? Drop us a line!