As a national network, the Food Systems Leadership Network includes individuals across all 50 states, rural, urban, and First Nations. We leverage technology – in the form of this interactive online platform-- to connect these leaders, build relationships, facilitate the exchange of ideas and resources, and encourage collaboration among members and across communities.

This online platform is supported via the GoEntrepid Platform, a technology that facilitates virtual connection and resource sharing. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines and supporting privacy measures to ensure the best possible use of this site.

Community Guidelines
We strive to create an environment where people feel comfortable and welcomed, are respected and acknowledged, and can seek and share advice freely. We looked to our friends who curate the Non-Profit Happy Hour Facebook Forum for inspiration around Community Guidelines (thanks!) and adapted some initial guidelines that we will evolve as we learn how to best use this technology and as we receive feedback and guidance from members. As an FSLN member posting on the site, such as in the Discussion Groups, Member Blogs, or news, we as that you please be mindful of the following:
  • Approach conversations with curiosity and respect
  • Recognize impact vs intent, and acknowledge harm
  • Confidentiality: share the message, not the messenger

Public vs. Private Pages
The FSLN is a member-only community of practice, with specific services and platform features only accessible to logged in, verified members of the network. However, there are some aspects of the website that can be viewed by non-members. Here’s a breakdown:
Publicly visible pages:
  • Non-FSLN members can view these pages and any comments/posts that are made to them.
  • About
  • News*
  • Opportunities pages
*Please contact if you would prefer your post be private and only available to the FSLN community.

Private pages:
These pages, and any posts or comments to the News and Discussion Group pages, are only able to be viewed by FSLN members. They cannot be viewed by anyone who is not a verified member of the FSLN. For more information on posting anonymously, see below. The GoEntrepid platform’s privacy policy can be found here.
  • Discussion Groups
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Member List
  • Partner Organization List
  • Network Map

Anonymous Posts
The online discussion groups are a great place to connect with peers across the country to ask questions, offer advice, and share valuable resources. But there are some questions, suggestions, and situations that are best if they remain discrete. We’re here to help!

Follow the below steps to get your posts out there anonymously. Posts refer to new posts or comments on existing posts in Discussion Groups, Blogs, and/or News.
  1. Email with the question that you want to post anonymously.  Put “Anonymous Post” in the subject line.
  2. Place your question in quotation marks (“) so that we can easily distinguish it from other content in the email.
  3. State which Discussion Group you’d like it posted in. If you’re not sure, let us know and we can help you out.
  4. We’ll post your question exactly as written under our name and send you a link.
  5. If the post needs to be edited, let us know immediately – we can make any changes to the post only within 24 hours of posting

Can you please post the following question to the Equity & Inclusion Discussion Group?
“I’m trying to get my supervisor to allocate funding for an organization-wide equity training, but I’m receiving a lot of push back. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can make the case for the importance and value of such a training?”