Welcome to the Food Systems Leadership Network!

The Food Systems Leadership Network (FSLN) is a national peer learning community that connects current and emerging leaders, strengthens individual and collective leadership capacity, and fosters collaboration across communities to accelerate the realization of a just, equitable, and sustainable food system that generates good food, health, and opportunity for all.

We cultivate relationships of trust and solidarity among food systems leaders – at the local, regional, and national level – and provide a platform for sharing knowledge and skill, building collective power and purpose, and acting collaboratively to transform the food system. 

We envision the FSLN growing into a radically diverse and inclusive member-driven collaborative network, where members are informing, shaping, and leading the network’s actions and collaborating with each other to co-create a future where all communities are nourished and sustained through good food.

The FSLN is coordinated by the Wallace Center at Winrock International, a national non-profit that develops partnerships, pilots new ideas, and advances solutions to strengthen communities through resilient farming and food systems. For over 35 years, the Wallace Center has served as a convener, facilitator, and resource hub to support the emerging chain of businesses and civic efforts making good food—food that is healthy, green, fair, and affordable-- an everyday reality in every community.


We see a dynamic, resilient, racially-just and sustainable food system emerging in communities across the country. Leading this change are thousands of individuals, organizations, and businesses working in all parts and at all scales of the food system. We envision these leaders linked through a living network of shared purpose, learning, and action that advances social justice locally, regionally, and nationally.

Important FSLN Registration Update:
As of September 2020, we're pressing pause on new members joining the online platform until we get our new member site up and running in the fall. In the meantime, please sign up here to join our mailing list and receive our monthly newsletter, stay up to date on trainings and peer learning events, and be notified when our new site comes online! Thanks for your patience and please reach out to FSLNinfo@winrock.org with any questions.

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